Inside the Twitter family: The daily life of MoPub
Olena Pavlidi / 20 April
MoPub, a Twitter company, provides monetization solutions for mobile app publishers and developers around the globe since 2010. MoPub was acquired by Twitter in 2013. The Company will have a session at Adsider Online Programmatic Conference on May 21. Adsider talked to Romain Heili, Strategic Publisher Manager EMEA at MoPub, about 2020 plans, global crisis and the upcoming conference in a short interview.
As you're a part of Twitter since 2013, what changed for MoPub through the last 7 years?

Since 2010 when it was founded, MoPub has always been on the leading edge of technology and innovation in mobile app monetization. After becoming part of the Twitter family in 2013, MoPub was first to introduce native ads to programmatic, and has continued to pioneer success for our clients and partners with new products and services consistently over the last 7 years. Recently, we're proud of the value and new insights we're bringing to the mobile app industry with solutions like Advanced Bidding and impression-level revenue data, which enables publishers to understand true ads lifetime value (LTV).
How many apps and DSPs globally does MoPub bring together today?

There are over 130 DSPs and more than 55,000 apps using MoPub worldwide. Our publishers and demand sources are based all over the globe, as is the MoPub team. Over the past couple years, Eastern Europe in particular has become a strong region for our EMEA-based publisher services team; I'm looking forward to continuing to grow new app developer partnerships from this and other European markets.
Over 130 DSPs and more than 55,000 apps use MoPub worldwide
How can the global crisis change mobile advertising?

MoPub's analytics team is regularly exploring and reporting on trends that we're seeing as an impact of COVID-19; the latest reports can always be found on our blog. Our recent update found that it's a buyer's market for user acquisition, due to less competition from brand advertisers coupled with increased inventory (gaming advertisers are driving the majority of increased performance spend). We also found that the shift in buyer composition further revealed the positive impact of maximising real-time competition for each impression. MoPub publishers using Advanced Bidding, which enables real-time bidding from participating networks in a unified auction, saw higher eCPMs compared to publishers using a standard waterfall. Feel free to check out the report for other insights, including impact on eCPM broken down by ad format and by market.
What solutions for publishers can MoPub offer during the quarantine?

The COVID-19 global pandemic has left people around the world confused and searching for answers. This new reality is impacting both personal and business situations, and on the business side, we recognize the needs of our partners and customers to have timely and actionable data. We're making it a priority to research and publish new insights – making resources spanning from app usage trends to Twitter's recommendations for brand communications during times of crisis.

Above all, we've always been proud to offer excellent client service and that is no different in a virtual-first environment. We're keeping our customers informed with consistent, important, and open lines of communication to help them achieve corporate goals in a way that feels human and true to the culture and service we always aim to provide.

What do you expect from the upcoming Adsider Online Programmatic Conference?

MoPub has seen incredible growth in CEE in the past 12 months with developers that managed to combine creative concepts and fast execution. Adsider has been instrumental for us to connect with these partners, so we're very happy to be speaking here this year and share our findings around hypercasual which is highly represented in this region.
Hypercasual gaming has become the biggest vertical in the charts
What will you talk about in the stream?

What we've noticed in 2019 is that hypercasual gaming has become the biggest vertical in the charts and relies on two main pillars – game ideation and UA/ monetization. The thing I love about this vertical is that it's allowed the emergence of a lot of small publishers that achieved big things and competed with very established AAA studios. By looking up close, you can see that automation is at the very center of that and this is something bigger studios have started to replicate outside the hyper casual to compete. My session will be focused on this automation and how it's helped developers scale and monetize through MoPub.

Are there any new markets for MoPub to conquer in 2020?

By becoming the largest mediation platform for developers, we're always very dependent on the market evolutions. We've identified 4 main hubs for mobile app development in Europe – Minsk, Paris, Istanbul and Tel Aviv, so we're hoping to strengthen our positions there and remain the agnostic mediation platform of choice for developers.

How are you going to strengthen data privacy protection in 2020?

Data privacy and security are extremely important to Twitter. Information on our latest efforts is always available at the Twitter Privacy Center.
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