Stories from top industry leaders about ukrainian advertising market
Andriy Krolenko
Managing partner Forward Media
Polina Tutyk
Head of Edu Marketing, AIR Media-Tech
Dmytro Mosharov
Managing Director Media First Ukraine
Vadym Chadyuk
CEO, Handmade-Hub 
Ivan Fedorov
New Business Director, Admixer
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Privacy by design. How ID5 came up with a universal ID solution

Interview with ID5 Chief Strategy Officer Joanna Burton

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Coming After You. How Jooble, a Ukrainian Company, Conquers the World

Jooble Head of Marketing Svyatoslav Stepanenko explains competition and revolution in the world...

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“That will never work”. How Netflix beat the cable TV

Today, Netflix has over 150 million users all over the world, partnership with...

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It’s All About Data: Data-driven Marketing and the New Consumer Culture

Interview with Ivan Fedorov, New Business Director at Admixer

Kateryna Novatska
Marketing specialist at Epom Ad Server
Anastasiia Baydachenko
IAB Ukraine CEO
Kateryna Manokha
СМО, AIR Media-Tech
Elena Arakelyan
Genesis Media | Video Project Manager
Andrew Okhota
Head of Product в MacUpdate