It's All About Data: Data-driven Marketing and the New Consumer Culture
Interview with Ivan Fedorov, New Business Director at Admixer
Admixer has been creating advertising technology since 2009. Its SaaS product pipeline includes technical solutions for advertisers, advertising agencies, media, and publishers. In addition to technology, Admixer offers services on launching and optimization of advertising campaigns, connecting data, and monetization of traffic.

On Thursday, May 21, Admixer's New Business Director Ivan Fedorov will speak at the Adsider LIVE conference. We spoke with Ivan about data-driven marketing, strategies, and the transformation of consumption in a flash interview.
What transformation is data-driven marketing going through?

The data-driven approach in marketing is nowadays becoming imperative for most advertisers. There are several reasons why advertisers are benefiting from this approach. The first of them being that the shopping cycle of the user is divided between different channels, and to communicate with clients effectively at all stages, companies need to collect and use data from all points of contact between the buyer and the brand.

The second reason is that modern advertising instruments and systems of content management allow for precise targeting and personalizing messages for specific users. Accordingly, the brands have an opportunity to do what is called personalization at scale.

Combining the first and second tendency allows for a considerable increase in the effectiveness of interactions with clients. The current situation where most transactions move to digital channels only promotes a quicker transition to the data-driven approach.

What influence may the global crisis have on consumer habits?

We already see this influence, as consumer habits have transformed a lot, and after the end of quarantine, some of the users may not go back to the previous way of consumption.

The share of digital sales in retail will grow, people will use delivery services more — during the times of quarantine many will get used to having goods delivered to their homes. Also, some people will be satisfied with working online and not needing to travel around the city. If the crisis extends, and we have the second wave of the epidemic, it may impact some areas of business long-term (sports, tourism, entertainment) and remove these expenses from the consumer basket.

All expensive purchases and luxury goods may also be put on hold. For marketologists, this will primarily mean that they will need to rebuild trigger chains, change attribution models, and accumulate new data to build the sales process — as both sales cycles and communication channels with the users will change.
'After the end of quarantine, some of the users may not go back to the previous way of consumption'
What strategic focus should advertisers and publishers have in 2020?

I would recommend advertisers and publishers to focus on working with their own data about clients and users as much as possible.

Consumer habits change rapidly, that's why during this period it is important to closely follow new preferences and use this information to build a new format of communication with regular and new customers. And in the light of the coming Cookiepocalypse working with the 1st party data of publishers is especially relevant.

What will you speak about at the Adsider Conference?

The advertising industry, like all other industries, is going through some changes that follow the shifts in user preferences. Accordingly, the approach to planning and placement of advertising campaigns, automatization of marketing activities, and working with data and user information will also change.

I will explain how advertisers can stay on top of these changes and use the maximum potential of their resources as much as possible through a data-driven approach.

Please name three things that one definitely needs during Cookiepocalypse.

Admixer DSP, Admixer SSP, and Admixer DMP. Only joking!

But seriously though, our technological stack has features set to both manage advertising campaigns and manage data and connecting various instruments. That's why, with our solution, we may cover several tasks at once, and in times of crisis and saving this is important for many companies.
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