The world's most successful multigaming club from Ukraine.

NAVI profile
Prize winnings
$11 million
14 million
Head office
Oleksandr Kohanovskyi
NAVI is the most successful multigaming club in the CEE and one of the best esports teams in the world. As of October 2020, the NAVI club is represented in six disciplines:
Fan demographics
Oleksandr Kohanovskyi
Yevgen Zolotarev
General Director
Olexiy Kucherov
Operations Director
Oleksandr Pavlenko
Marketing Director
In October 2009 Murat Zhumashevich, a philanthropist from Kazakhstan, came up with the idea of creating a professional esports team at the Intel Extreme Masters tournament in Dubai. He was willing to become the main sponsor: to provide the players with a training ground, pay them salaries and logistics costs. Kyiv resident Serhiy starix Ishchuk was the first to respond to the offer. The sponsor set him with the task of forming a star team.

On December 17, 2009, Natus Vincere (Latin "born to win") was formed around the CS: GO team. The first lineup of NAVI included five Ukrainian players: Edward, markeloff, starix, ceh9 and Zeus. Oleksandr Kokhanovsky from Kyiv (ZeroGravity) became the manager.
Key events
Creation of NAVI.

In 2010, the team won 12 medals (8 of them — gold) and won a large army of fans. In October 2010, NAVI became a multi-gaming team, creating a team in Dota.

The club launched teams in FIFA, StarCraft II and League of Legends. The new units did not live up to expectations and were eventually disbanded. That same year, the NAVI team won the main esports event of the year, The International Dota 2, with a record $1 million prize pool.

In June 2013, the NAVI team of World of Tanks was formed. The tankers won the first cup in September, winning the championship in Seattle. Over the next four years, the Natus Vincere tank team won more than 20 international awards and $350,000 in prizes at tournaments in China, Poland, the United States and elsewhere.

More than 40 awards were won, and the total amount of prizes exceeded $ 1 million.

NAVI players became winners of more than 35 championships and earned almost $1.4 million.

The club created teams with Quake Champions and Paladins. The first gold for NAVI Quake star Anton COOLLERZ Singov won a few days after the start of cooperation, and at the World Cup he was able to enter the top three. The NAVI.Paladins team became three-time world champions, earning a total of $ 175,000.

Natus Vincere has a division from Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG). Already in the debut tournament, the team won the LAN final of the first season of the Global Loot League with a prize fund of $ 50,000. At PUBG Global Invitational 2018, NAVI won fourth place, earning $ 60,000.

The CS: GO team won bronze medals at the ELEAGUE Major: Boston 2018, ESL Pro League Season 7 and ELEAGUE CS: GO Premier championships, silver at the DreamHack Masters Marseille 2018 and SL i-League Season 4, and added three cups to its trophy collection: SL i-League Season 5, CS: GO Asia Championship and ESL One: Cologne 2018. After an impressive series of successful performances, the team secured the second step in the world ranking of CS: GO.

Media resource
NAVI media resource is one of the most powerful e-sports in the world. In the first half of 2020, streams of NAVI teams and individual players of the club conquered the 46 million viewing hours. This is the best performance among all e-sports clubs in the world.
46.2 million
views on Twitch and YouTube in the first half of 2020
14 million
NAVI subscribers and club players
13.9 million
coverage per month
5 million
views on YouTube every month
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