How to Have a Flexible Response to Crisis and Not Lose Efficiency During Quarantine
Interview with Elena Podshuveit, Chief Products Officer at Admixer
Elena Podshuveit, Chief Products Officer at Admixer, will present at Adsider LIVE conference. We spoke with Elena about the proper response to a crisis, the plan of her presentation, and three things that you need during the apocalypse.
Admixer is an international advertising platform and the biggest player on the Ukrainian programmatic market. Please tell us about your plans for next year.

We had big plans, but now we need to respond to changes in a dynamic way. Early in 2020, we adjusted our roadmap due to the announcement of 3rd party cookies being switched off in 2022 — we added several products and initiatives to allow our partners to decrease the negative effect of this innovation. It is natural that the market is sensitive to this current epidemic — we are already observing a shift towards more affordable instruments, which means a decrease in spending on instruments and the shrinking of advertising budgets. It is difficult to forecast anything under such circumstances. The only thing that we can be sure about is that our company, like many other companies, will have to react to the market changes very quickly and flexibly this year.

Please name the product that is most interesting for you to work with and why.

All of Admixer's products create a unified infrastructure, a unified technological stack that you can use as building blocks to create a unique configuration applicable for the tasks of a particular client. That's why it is difficult to single out something from our product line — our products are too closely integrated with each other, they can only be considered together.
A team of like-minded people is the key factor in overcoming the crisis
How is Admixer adapting to this crisis? Which measures proved to be the most effective and what would you advise to colleagues/competitors?

We reacted to the introduction of quarantine measures quickly: switched our staff to working online and learned how to work under these conditions without it impacting our efficiency. Of course, the HR policy of the company and the approach to team-building is also very important. All our employees are independent, motivated, and highly organized. A team of like-minded people is the key factor in overcoming the crisis.

A short insight, please: what will you speak about at the conference?

About technical solutions and practical aspects of managing advertising and data for large publishers.

Three things you definitely need during the Apocalypse?

Access to a music streaming service, a yoga mat, and a stash of dry red wine.
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