'We can be a lot of fun to work with'
An Interview with AdOps.Consulting
8 May 2020
Alexander Schott is the founder of AdOps.Consulting, an expert in adtech, and a consultant for web publishers. His career in digital marketing and advertising started in 1995. Alexander helped to create the first online advertising standards in Germany and founded the task force 'Ad Technology Standards' within the German Federal Association for Digital Business (BVDW), and is actively supporting various AGOF and IAB Europe initiatives. On May 21, Alexander Schott will speak at Adsider LIVE Conference. We met the speaker in a flash interview.
You have more than 25 years of marketing experience. Which times would you say were the best?

From a personal perspective, my preference is building new businesses — and of course, I really enjoyed the opportunity to be in the company of brilliant and exceptionally skilled people from whom I learn from every day. It sounds a bit boring, but I would say the best time is now.

When you first started using programmatic solutions, what was it like and how has the technology changed?

Programmatic was competing with ad networks and waterfall tags in tag integration at the beginning. Everything was strictly about monetizing remnant unsold inventory in the early times. Luckily this changed, and we are now at a stage where programmatic is also well-used for premium campaigns in private marketplaces and programmatic is guaranteed. Also, the rise of header bidding is a great development as it enables a much bigger variety of vendors in the market.
'I cannot imagine a world without advertising'
What benefits does AdOps bring to publishers?

The way you operate your online media business has a dramatic effect on your revenue. As technology becomes more and more important the people who are in the 'machine room' are the true key for your success. And they can be a lot of fun to work with as well.

2020 became a year of incredible digital transformations. What are the company's current goals for the year?

At Admanagerforum, we planned to do our first event together with agencies and publishers 'AdOps Forum Demand meets Supply'. Unfortunately, Covid-19 made it impossible to launch this project, but we have learned a lot when conducting our online conferencing. Our first ever Online AdOps Forum was in March and the next one is planned for June.

Elaborate on the topic of your speech at Adsider LIVE

At Admanagerforum 'AdOps Forum Supply' we meet twice a year for a full day and there is a great exchange on the hottest topics that publishers work on. I will give an overview of the main issues and possible strategies the AdOps teams in Germany have developed for their media business.

Name top-3 ad-tech trends of 2020

Extinction of 3rd party cookies, the rise of programmatic, building new data strategies.

How would a world without advertising look like?

I cannot imagine a world without advertising, but I am convinced there will be better, more relevant advertising in the future.
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