71% Marketers Expect Events To Remain Virtual Even After Pandemic

12 August 2020

The main problems of the transition to the online format — lead generation and networking

According to a report by the consulting company The 614 Group, virtual conferences and events during 2020 will be the only option available to businesses.

This opinion is shared by 71% of surveyed marketers and media executives.

Many executives believe that the transition to virtual events will be a long-term trend that will continue even after the end of the pandemic.

Research has also shown that most people expect to keep virtual event options even after offline events become available again. In the first wave of the study, 51% of marketers expected the preservation of the virtual component of activities, in the second wave — 36% more.

The report showed that the lead generation, as well as the lack of effective opportunities for networking, continues to be the main problem of virtual activities for marketers.

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