Becoming king of the TikTok kingdom. Lion & Air Brands Case Study
Ukrainian brands started creating TikTok accounts some time ago, but until recently very few people had even heard about TikTok House.

July 19, 2021

Lion seized the opportunity and launched a campaign with bloggers on their channel. Lion is faithful to its identity, full of energy, and ready for new challenges, and their ad campaigns reflect these features.
About TikTok House
TikTok House is a general name for a group of young TikTokers that live in the same house and create content together.
The content is interesting and similar to a reality show format.

The work they do helps to grow each of the bloggers’ personal account audience and the House account. It’s a new TikTok channel format that’s very popular in the US.

Mutual work between the House and a brand is generally to integrate the product with influencers in a challenge, dance, battle, musical parody, or simply a creative video.
A brand can play the main part in the video or can appear in the background.
Our main task was to simultaneously advertise two products as organically as possible:
Lion breakfast cereals
Lion bars

Our goals were to:

Increase the audience reach
Increase awareness
Present product knowledge in an interactive format
Engage generation Z
Expand the audience
We also wanted to achieve our goals by working outside the box in a creative and fun way.
It’s always challenging to be a pioneer as there are no predictions, statistics, and understanding if this integration will be effective. At the same time, it might be a good chance to reach the target audience with a new channel that brand competitors have not yet entered.
When Lion contacted us for the development of an advertising campaign on TikTok, we realized that TikTok House is what this bold and progressive brand needs. And here’s why:

  • it’s a new trend for TikTok content
  • minimal competition between brands
  • it merges the audiences of all bloggers
  • top bloggers are in one video, which automatically brings the video to the top
  • rapid channel growth (+100K subscribers in 6 days)

Lion is the first brand to work with TikTok House in Ukraine.

We chose Top Team House because the most relevant bloggers have gathered there and it ranks 2nd in Ukraine by the number of subscribers: 760K subscribers, 23.3 mil likes.
Top Team House
1,1 mln followers
36,7 mln likes
The Brand’s Target Audience
Lion’s target audience are people who are online 24/7 and have the fear of missing out syndrome (FOMO). People with this syndrome are constantly worried they’ll miss out on any interesting events or great opportunities, leading them to spend all of their free time on social media.
The main characteristics:

  • age: 14–20
  • schoolchildren / students
  • active users of social media, following trends
  • primarily use messengers for communication
  • social media is a method of self-expression

These young users strive to be like their idols. For this very reason, we chose a campaign with famous influencers.
Our key messages:

  • “Lion breakfast turns your morning routine into an adventure”
  • “Wild pleasure of taste!”
  • Integration format: members of the house created video posts and stories.
  • Platforms: TikTok + Instagram.

We selected famous bloggers that fit the spirit of the Lion brand and analyzed which of them are more associated with breakfast, and which with chocolate bars.

For the integration with Lion bars, we invited:

TopTeamHouse and the personal accounts of zakhandrevich, alexblacktok, malibash, jeekaan, and irinakudashova.

For the integration with Lion breakfast cereals, we invited:

TopTeamHouse, and the personal accounts of aleksakzm, ledboy1, mashukovskiy, malibash, and zakhandrevich

The TikTok campaign included:
6 videos with several members of the House. One had to bite off a bar or make a Lion breakfast cereal (posted on the House account)
2 videos starring one member of the House (on their personal account page)
3 videos reposted from the TikTok House account to the bloggers’ personal accounts’ page
The Instagram campaign included:
5 stories from the everyday life of the House members (on the House account)
Posting period: from 24/08/2020 to 30/09/2020

Hashtag #lionstyle.

Когда #гуччидед заехал в Топ Тим Хауз ???? @seryogamusic #topteamhouse

♬ оригинальный звук - МЫ - ТОП ТИМ ????

Следи за нашими видео и пробуждай свои инстинкты вместе с нами. Любишь Lion? #lionking #topteamhouse

♬ The Banjo Beat, Pt. 1 - Ricky Desktop
For a month and a half, the Top Team House influencers created fun, creative, trendy content, and organized challenges with the Lion products.
What we achieved:

Lion bars
1 446 897
TikTok posts
Instagram posts
Lion breakfast cereals
1 041 434
TikTok posts
Instagram posts
We exceeded our goal for views by 26.35 %.

This allowed us to reduce the cost per impression by 30%, or by 0.06 UAH.
Engagement rate - 15%
Audience Reaction
Users actively liked the content and participated in challenges. Subscribers admitted that Lion is their favorite bar in the comments to the video.
Comment from the team

Yelena Kolesnik
AIR Brands account manager
“We are in an unusual situation in the world with social distancing, isolation, and too much time spent at home. But for those who are attentive to trends, who are not afraid to be pioneers, and who love to drive, staying at home is just not enough.

So, together with LION, we decided to invite Top Team House to rock the Ukrainian TikTok. Special thanks to LION, AIR Brands, and Top Team House for your adventurous spirit, creativity, and amazing teamwork”.
While competitors fight for their place on Instagram, together with Lion, we took a calculated risk and entered a new TikTok channel. Due to the low competition between Ukrainian brands, we managed to reach the brand’s target audience and become much closer to these people.

Thanks to the right influencers, simple creative content, challenges, and the use of trending music and hashtags, we managed to achieve amazing performance metrics - several times higher than with traditional communication channels.
Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash
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