72% of top marketing companies don’t care about data quality, — Nielsen report

24 January 2020

In the global study of the priorities of marketing companies data quality was in fourth place

According to Nielsen’s 2019-2020 Annual Marketing Report, only 28% of top marketing companies name data quality their priority. In the global study of the priorities of marketing companies, it was in fourth place — after targeting (53%), ad creative (37%) and audience reach (31%).

Marketing pros put ad creative before data quality


Nielsen 2019-2020 Annual Marketing Report

This can be dangerous, since no targeting and creativity will help you attract a customer if the data you sell is worthless. 

The importance of accurate data in marketing is constantly growing — it determines how useful marketing insights will be and may also influence future decision making. 

«Don’t be misled about the importance of data quality. Focus on improving data quality as much as you focus on reaching and targeting your audience. None of that targeting will hit the mark if the data that sustains it isn’t accurate», — Nielsen’s experts advise.  

They add that it is also necessary to increase the amount of educational resources so that marketers finally realize the importance of data quality for developing successful long-term strategies.

Following Google’s announcement about the upcoming abolishment of third-party cookies, companies should focus on creating their own first-party DMP, as well as significantly increase their internal expertise in working with data.

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