Adweek trained a bot to write ad scripts for the Super Bowl. Its ideas are downright scary

24 January 2020

The bot’s ideas turned out to be so strange that he got his own Twitter

In anticipation of the American Super Bowl, Adweek launched an online bot that can generate advertising texts. The bot is trained on 3,000 past advertising campaigns of the game (about 134,000 words).

Super Bowl Bot is based on the GPT-2 text generator developed by the OpenAI research team. The GPT-2 algorithm, in turn, is trained on eight million sites – even with a small set of data, such as short announcements, the Super Bowl bot is able to generate creative texts.

According to Adweek, during the development process, scientists discovered that the bot has strange preferences: he is obsessed with violence, and also shows a manic passion for chimpanzees and the hero of the series “Office”, actor John Krasinski.

Most often, the Super Bowl Bot’s ideas are somewhere between scary and ridiculous:

[In a Super Bowl ad for the New York City subway] we watch as two riders battle with each other for the last lemon McFlurry. The ad features the voices of various iconic characters from the city’s iconic characters. From the Angry Birds of urban fantasy to the Little Darth Mauls of Star Wars, the McFlurry is a delicacy only found on the Big Apple. 


[In a Super Bowl ad for the British royal family], a small woodland creature is honored for her wisdom by a tiny silver brooch. The royal family then encourages you to follow your queen. 


[In a Super Bowl ad for Netflix], Kurt Russel appears on a rooftop sweating bullets from above as a helicopter flies overhead bearing down on him. Russel turns into Darth Vader and wrecks everything in his path with a killing blow. An explosion sends him plummeting to the ground, and when he emerges from the crater, he’s got Darth Vader beaten everywhere. Russel can’t believe his eyes. 


[In a Super Bowl ad for Facebook,] a man searches for a good recipe for woes dip. He searches for a Facebook group for those who have difficulty understanding Spanish. This man’s desperation leads him to a barrage of racist, sexist and transphobic comments. After realizing that he’s causing a ruckus, the man puts the information out there for everyone to see. From there, everyone gathers around to form a human bridge that whisks them all away. 


The beloved Bugs Bunny and the Purple Giraffe star in this ad, which reminds you that the Earth is flat.

The decisive match of the National Football League will be held on 3rd of February in Miami Gardens, Florida. While the bot is not able to manage real advertising campaigns and is unable to replace Super Bowl copywriters yet, its masterpieces are published on Twitter daily.

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