Amazon, Google and PayPal: Americans put their trust in technological companies

16 January 2020

Except for Facebook

According to Morning Consult study, most Americans trust the US Federal Postal Service. 43% of respondents expressed support for it, the MediaPost reports.

Following the postal service are Amazon (38.8%) and Google (37.9%). Next – PayPal electronic payment system, The Weather Channel, Chick-fil-A fast-food restaurant chain, Hershey confectionery company, UPS express delivery service, Cheerios breakfast cereal brand and M & Ms chocolate dragees.

At the same time, two thirds of respondents admitted that in recent years their trust in community leaders, organizations and brands has declined. So, only 20% of those polled trust US President Donald Trump, 8% trust the news media, 7% the government, and 4% Hollywood.

As for Generation Z, young Americans tend to believe the companies of their time: Google – 47.1%, Netflix – 47%, Amazon – 46.6%, YouTube – 41.9%, PlayStation – 39.2%.

Google also topped the Millennials Trust List.

Facebook has not entered the trust list of any of the demographic groups.

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