Any Time Is Primetime. User Survey on Facebook’s Video Platform

14 May 2020

According to Facebook, any time on Facebook Watch is primetime

Facebook says the users of its video service Facebook Watch are consistently active throughout the day, reads the research the company published on May 8th.

Facebook’s study is based on a survey of 3 000 active users who indicated they view videos at least once a week. The company examined only publisher videos – ones that are posted publicly by digital creators, media platforms, or TV broadcasters. This category also includes Facebook’s original shows. However, Facebook didn’t measure community-generated content or streams.

How many users watch publisher videos?

According to Facebook, 65% of the users view publisher content every day, and 35% watch them multiple times per day. 

The study has also shown that the viewership doesn’t decline that much throughout the day. The least people – 77% of the surveyed – watch publisher videos in the morning. The number continues growing as the day goes on. Eventually, 88% of surveyed end their day with publisher content. 

Why do the users come to Facebook Watch?

The main reason, reports Facebook, is to feel connected to other people. According to the study, 94% of the surveyed share publisher videos on their pages. Most of the users do it to influence someone’s mood, inspire their Facebook friends, or find people with similar interests. 

65% come across publisher videos spontaneously, while 69% of them do not have cable or satellite subscriptions.

How does Facebook Watch work? 

Facebook launched a video platform in 2017. Facebook Watch makes money during ad breaks. Content makers keep 55% of the revenue. 

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