Bloomberg Launches Quicktake Streaming News Service

09 November 2020

The new network is designed to attract the attention of young audiences

Media corporation Bloomberg has announced the launch of its own video streaming news Quicktake. The network will start operating on November 9 at 4 pm Kyiv time.

Quicktake grew out of the Twitter channel TicToc, which Bloomberg founded in 2017. It later had to be renamed when the Chinese social network TikTok became very popular.

For now, the Quicktake network will broadcast content for a little over ten hours a day, but later it will start working 24/7, according to Bloomberg. The program included a dozen original serial shows and four daily news releases.

The materials will mostly relate to business. They will be filmed and written by 2,700 journalists from 120 countries, Bloomberg writes. About a hundred people are currently working directly on the streaming platform. The media promises a variety of formats: documentaries, data visualizations, local reports and live events.

Bloomberg News Editor-in-Chief John Mickelswight says he wants to get young people to the attention with Quicktake. “Content must go where the audience wants it” — he told The Wall Street Journal.

You can watch streaming by following the link or through the Bloomberg application. Quicktake will broadcast Apple TV, Roku, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV and Amazon Fire TV. In a few weeks, the network will also appear on Samsung TV Plus, Tubi and XUMO.

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