Brands Spend Less On Influencer Marketing — Digiday Survey

11 May 2020

Most of the marketers think influencer marketing is “murky”

According to Digiday, almost 40% of specialists cut their expenses on influencer marketing over the year. The platform asked 60 marketers if they approve of such an advertising format. 

Lack Of Trust

Digiday says that most specialists do not trust influencer marketing. For instance, 73% consider it “murky”. 54% more said they’d better spend more money if the industry were standardized. Also, twice as many brands trust individual influencers more than influencer platforms or agencies.

Influencer Marketing Issues

Most of the surveyed brands reported it’s hard for them to measure the results of influencer campaigns. This is one of the biggest problems among marketers, says Digiday. Most of them define the effectiveness of influencer marketing by measuring engagement and site traffic. 

One more problem that has been pointed out by 60% of specialists was identifying the right influencers. 

“A lot of influencers will pander to anyone willing to pay, so their audience isn’t engaged with the brands who are paying for quality and not just impressions,” said one respondent of the last year’s Digiday survey who had faced the same issue.

A third of the respondents say that influencer marketing is too expensive and doesn’t deliver good results. The surveyed marketers have also complained about influencers who say inappropriate things or even do not deliver the negotiated promotion. More than a third of the marketers are worried about no standardized metrics and prices in influencer marketing. 

However, despite the lack of trust and all the mentioned issues, half of the respondents believe that influencer marketing can bring successful marketing results.

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