Digest it: Netflix boom, Snapchat growth, The Trade Desk innovations

22 April 2020

Main events in the world  of marketing and advertising from 17th to 22th of April 

Netflix streaming service has announced record high user growth since mid-March. Netflix’s new subscribers reached 15.8 million in the first quarter, double what they had forecast earlier this year. Q1’s revenue is $5.77 billion. Despite the rapid growth and over-fulfillment of plans, Netflix is in no hurry to rejoice. Following a surge in activity on the platform, the company is expecting a downturn and slowing growth after quarantine is complete. To date, 182 million people worldwide are Netflix subscribers.

Snap Inc. also boasts its growth rate. Every day, 229 million users create content and send messages through the Snapchat mobile app. The company’s revenue for the first quarter exceeded Q1 by 2019.

The Trade Desk, one of the largest demand-side platforms for real-time targeted advertising, has asked its supply-side platforms and ad exchanges to “cut” advertisers’ paths to direct publishers. Thus, The Trade Desk want to reduce the number of repeated requests to advertise or sell the same impressions that publishers sell through different SSPs in parallel. This approach aims at reducing DSP operating costs. “This will help create a fair and transparent marketplace for advertisers and publishers alike,” commented on The Trade Desk.

AdWeek has put together 10 cool examples of how brands handle quarantined creativity (and they do it!). New videos from Apple, Nike, McDonald’s and other well-known companies are on the list.

According to research GumGum, about 64% of online content associated with a pandemic is ‘brand safe’. The exception was the category “news and politics”. 115,000 secure coronavirus web pages account for 125,000 non-compliant content pages.

April 22 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Since January, organizers have planned to organize the largest ever climate-change strike. Due to the circumstances, all scheduled activities were moved online. Now everyone can join Earth Day Live , where activists, musicians and other celebrities from different countries will perform live for three days.

Before Earth Day, Greta Thunberg, together with FF Los Angeles, created a video of Our House Is On Fire as a reminder that we should not forget about climate conservation and concern for the planet.

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