More than 400 Developers Want to Join the Anti-Apple Coalition

23 October 2020

Epic Games, Match Group and Spotify Supported by hundreds of companies

More than 400 software companies have applied to join the Coalition for App Fairness, which is fighting against Apple’s dominance. Coalition spokeswoman Sarah Maxwell reported this to The Washington Post.

“The interest we faced exceeded our expectations. We invite new members and listen to their stories. Obviously, a huge number of developers can’t get to hear themselves yet,” says Maxwell.

The coalition was formed in September 2020 by Epic Games, Match Group, Spotify and several other influential companies. In the first month of its existence, the alliance has grown from 13 to 40 members.

Coalition members are demanding that Apple change how it works. Many small developers depend on the giant and will not be able to exist if the Appstore removes their applications, writes The Washington Post.

The developers accuse Apple of market monopolization and high fees. Apps are now forced to give 30% of their income to Apple’s pocket.

Other tech giants are also not on Apple’s side: Microsoft has joined the coalition and tweaked Microsoft Store policies to match its recommendations. But Facebook criticized Apple for the changes that will make it difficult to run ads on the iPhone and iPad.

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