Facebook allows users to track advertiser partners

13 January 2020

Management strives to make Facebook ads more transparent

On Monday, January 13, Facebook Product Management Director Rob Lazerne announced new social media features related to ad management. The current update will allow users to see the connection between an advertising agency and a specific company promoting their posts, according to AdWeek.

“Small companies often launch ads themselves, while large brands can have several advertising partners at once,” Lazerne said.

Custom Audiences will also be amended. “Previously, users could hide all ads from a particular advertiser directly in the post. Now they will be able to hide the ads that are shown to them based on user audiences,” Facebook informed.

Custom Audiences are compiled from lists of people who are already customers of the company, have visited its website or use a mobile application. This tool helps to customize advertising campaigns more effectively.

New settings that allow the user to ban such advertising will be launched in January 2020.

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