Facebook cracks down on adult ads

03 January 2020

Even influencers won’t be immune to new restrictions

Facebook and Instagram have long been limiting paid tobacco advertising. These restrictions will affect even influencers, who were left unaffected by the previous crackdowns.

Bloggers will be no longer able to advertise tobacco products, vapes, and weapons. Over time, Facebook plans to introduce special restrictions on  alcohol and dietary supplements advertising as well.

However, social networks not only tighten the requirements for advertising content, but also add new features that allow better targeting. For example, the choose the age of the audience to which a particular content is available.

As for the influencers themselves, they expected stricter rules, but not a complete ban. “I knew it was going to  happen,Manuel Ursua, a California-based vape-promoting blogger, says. – Some restrictions are understandable, but not a complete ban. This is too severe.”

It is unlikely that the new rules on Facebook and Instagram will eliminate the ads on vaping, alcohol and weapons, blogger David Rhodes implies. Advertisers and influencers will adapt to new conditions.

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Ursua said that he had already begun to reduce his activity on Instagram and to engage more actively in YouTube, where monetization allows him to earn $ 7-8 thousand per month. If YouTube begins to restrict content, too, Ursua plans to further diversify his promotion channels.

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