Google Chrome To Ban “Heavy” Ads

19 May 2020

Poorly programmed, or unoptimized for network usage ads will be removed

At the end of August, Google Chrome will start to ban recourse heavy ads that drain the battery and use too much data, Google reported on its blog

To save the users’ batteries and data plans, Google will remove ads that will reach the following thresholds:

– 4MB of network data;

– 15 seconds of CPU usage in any 30 seconds;

– 60 seconds of total CPU usage.

According to Google, it now only has 0,3% of such ads. However, they account for 26% of network data used by all the ads and 28% of all ad CPU usage. 

 We intend to experiment with this over the next several months and to launch this intervention on Chrome stable near the end of August. Our intent with this extended rollout is to give appropriate time for ad creators and tool providers to prepare and incorporate these thresholds into their workflows, says Marshall Vale, Product Manager at Chrome.

Google Сhrome already has a built-in advertising blocker. Two years ago, Google joined the Coalition For Better Ads, reports Venture Beat. This group specifies how the industry can make their ads better for the consumers. That’s why Chrome automatically bans all the ads that Coalition finds non-compliant.

Also, Chrome AdBlock removes the ads that trick consumers into doing some actions with it. 

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