Google launches resources for homeschooling

22 March 2020

Teach From Home” and “Learn@Home” are already available online.

Google and Youtube created web-pages with educational materials for both teachers and students who practice self-distancing amid coronavirus pandemic.

 Google’s page for teachers “Teach From Home,” is filled with tutorials on how to use Google tools for effective online education. With these videos, teachers can learn how to make the most out of Google Drive, Google Calendar, Google Forms, and other Google products.

“The resource will continue to evolve. We’ve built the hub with the support and cooperation of UNESCO Institute for Information Technologies in Education, who is also working with other education partners to respond to this emergency. As we continue receiving feedback from teachers and partners on what’s most helpful, we’ll continue to build and improve this”, according to Google.

Also, Google made the Meet premium features free till June 1st. They include the ability to livestream, record their lessons, and have 250 people in a call together.

Youtube, in turn, brought an educational resource for families with kids called “Learn@Home.” The new online-platform contains video lessons on math, science, and history. For children under 5, there’s another section with videos that encourage curiosity and creativity.

#StudyWithMe movement was an inspiration for Youtube’s “Learn@Home” page. With this hashtag, students around the globe are sharing their experience in online education and encourage others to join them in their studies.  

 Both of the resources are now available only in English. In time, they will be translated into Spanish, French, and other languages.


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