TikTok’s Kevin Mayer Appealed to Facebook to Ensure Honest Competition

30 July 2020

Kevin Mayer accused competitors of attacking TikTok

TikTok chairman Kevin Mayer has accused Facebook of trying to destroy the Chinese social network’s presence in the United States. Mayer wrote about this in his first address during his tenure.

According to Mayer, Facebook slanders TikTok, and hides its true intentions behind patriotic motives. The head of the Chinese social network called instead to focus on fair competition.

“We at TikTok welcome fair competition. We think it makes everyone the best. And for those who want to launch competitive products, we say: “Go ahead — show what you are capable of”. Even Facebook is launching a copy of Reels (linked to Instagram. Their previous copy, Lasso, failed very quickly,” the statement said.

Mayer also noted that without TikTok, American advertisers “will be left with little choice.” According to him, TikTok is non-politicized, does not publish political advertising and has no hidden purpose. Mayer promised to fight for the right of American content makers, audiences and brands to use the platform.

TikTok is currently under investigation in the United States. The US government intends to block the application if it proves that the company poses a threat to US security from Chinese intelligence.

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