Advertisers’ Woes, Planet Amazon, Death of Internet Explorer. Digest it

21 May 2021

What happened in the world of technology, marketing and advertising? Read a selection of weekly news from the Western media

Advertisers complain

In the first two weeks after the change in user identification on iOS 14.5 devices, Facebook advertisers have already noticed a drop in the results of campaigns on the platform. Rafael Rivili, senior vice president of media at Marcus Thomas, said that 30% of iPhone owners have become unavailable for advertising.

“We now receive four times less information about users than before. We spend $ 3 million to $ 10 million on Facebook advertising every month, and now we’re very uncomfortable because we don’t have enough data to make decisions, ”said Nick Shackelford of Structured Social.

Experts estimate that only 13 to 40% of iPhone owners will agree to the collection and use of their data.

News from the planet Amazon

The Media Rating Council conducted an audit at Amazon. The questions arose due to the rapid growth of the Amazon DSP: the company’s adtech business is growing by 90% every year. 79% of these revenues are generated by CPC advertising, which is reflected in the lists of goods. In 2020, Amazon received 10% of all digital advertising spending in the United States.

Amazon is in talks with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios to buy the film company for $9 billion  Since 1924, MGM has made more than 4,000 films, including The Hobbit, Rocky, The Pink Panther, and a series of James Bond films. In 2020, MGM’s profits amounted to $ 1.5 billion. Such an acquisition could significantly enhance the streaming service Amazon Prime.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, meanwhile, is selling a ticket to an 11-minute space flight on a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket. 5,200 people have already placed their bids at the auction, which will run until June 12. The highest rate reached $3 million.

Google’s golden hen

CNBC has figured out how Google’s advertising business works. Last year, the company earned $147 billion from advertising, which is more than 80% of Alphabet’s total revenue. Search advertising brought in $104 billion, the most lucrative part of Google’s advertising business.

In second place — advertising on the Google Network, which brought the company $23 billion in 2020 (16%). YouTube also topped the list with $20 billion in advertising revenue last year.

Google also receives a significant portion of its revenue from Google Maps. The service is used by more than a billion active users every month. Google does not disclose the profits of Google Maps, but analyst Brian Novak has estimated that the amount could reach about $11 billion by 2023.

Google is expected to receive 29% of global advertising spending in 2021. Details on CNBC.

Goodbye, Internet Explorer

Microsoft closes Internet Explorer. It will be replaced by Microsoft Edge, which, according to Microsoft, is more reliable, modern and fast. The desktop version of IE 11 will stop working on June 15, 2022 — after 25 years in the browser market.

The world’s most popular web browser is Google Chrome ( 64, 47% ), followed by Safari (18.69%) and Firefox (3.59%).

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