How Salespeople Navigate Virtual Selling In Times Of Coronavirus – LinkedIn Study

22 May 2020

The study shows how salespeople are changing their work because of the pandemic

Almost 80% of media buyers and sellers believe that because of the coronavirus, virtual sales became mainstream, says LinkedIn’s study, which is based on a survey of one thousand buyers and sales specialists.

How’s the job of sales specialists changing 

According to 70% of the surveyed, leading through change skill is now more critical than it used to be five years ago. LinkedIn has found that most of the sales specialists change their strategies because of the unpredictable environment. 

“Our survey data indicates that measurements of long-term value are moving to the forefront over traditional short-term metrics, such as quarterly quota. When asked to identify how sales reps should be measured, four metrics were selected by more than a third of respondents. The top two metrics looked past the quarterly horizon,” says LinkedIn.

In times of the pandemic, the main metrics are customer satisfaction, customer retention, team’s, and individual quota meet. 

According to Linkedin, despite the virtual sales are on the rise, only half of the salespeople are using sales technology to get audience analytics. However, the number of such specialists is increasing, reports Social Media Today.

47% of the surveyed say they utilize such services once a day, 34% do it once a month, and 52% reported that in 2020 they would spend more time using sales technology.

What do clients expect from the sales managers?

The surveyed buyers said that during the pandemic, they value trustworthiness, responsiveness, and expertise. According to LinkedIn, to establish trustworthy relationships with the customers, salespeople need to demonstrate a clear understanding of their business needs and their role in the decision-making process.

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