Hulu launches Binge Ads

16 December 2019

Company is introducing this technology to reduce user dissatisfaction from annoying ads

On Thursday, December 12th, the American streaming service began testing a less aggressive video ads format for viewers who are stuck watching their favorite shows, Tech Crunch reports.

Binge Ads are based on machine learning methods and present short videos of advertisers: teasers of new episodes without ads or, for example, videos with a code for activating coupons that can be used online. According to Jeremy Gelfand, Vice President and Head of Hulu Marketing Platforms, Binge will be branded with Hulu. The video will begin with a warning to the streaming service about viewing Binge Ads and end with a sponsorship message that matches your needs.

How it works? When viewing the first two episodes, users see regular ads. Before the start of the third episode, Hulu automatically launches Binge Ad, based on the viewer’s behavior, time of day, and the program he is watching. You can watch the episode without ads for free.

“Television advertising must keep up with the times,” Gelfand is convinced. “If we do not change our feed, it will not satisfy the needs of either the viewer or the advertiser.”

Hulu will limit Binge Ads to three impressions per day for one person. So far, the company has not announced Binge tariffs for advertisers.

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