Instagram Offers a New Collaboration Tool for Brands and Influencers

16 November 2020

The Ad Creation Partnerships tool is suitable for collaborations with permanent ambassadors

Instagram has launched a new Ad Creation Partnerships feature in test mode, which will facilitate the collaboration of influencers and brands. The new section has appeared in the settings of the social network, said social media expert Matt Navarra with reference to the Twitter channel @whimchick.

Ad Creation Partnerships allows brands to run ads on the influencer’s account. To do this, the brand develops creatives for posts or pages with photos or videos of the blogger, and then through a new feature sends him for approval.

If the influencer approves the content, Instagram starts displaying ads on his behalf. At the same time, these creatives are not displayed on the influencer’s account, and the system withdraws funds for advertising from the brand’s account. This type of cooperation is suitable for ambassadors who will constantly promote the same brand.

Now Ad Creation Partnerships is running in test mode, Instagram itself has not officially announced the launch of the feature. However, there is already an article in the Help Center on how to use it.

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