Mobile Click Fraud Grew 62% During The Last Two Months

22 July 2020

Advertisers spend $ 24 billion a year on fraudulent clicks

The number of fraudulent clicks on mobile advertising in May and June 2020 increased by 62%. This is stated in a joint study by ClickCease — a platform that detects click fraud, and cybersecurity company CHEQ.

Experts checked about 1.8 billion clicks on search advertising in five thousand advertising offices — 14% of clicks were invalid.

Most fake clicks — 85% — were made from smartphones, mostly Android devices. In May and June, mobile clickfield on Android increased from 12% to 29%, and on iOS — from 2% to 12%.

Researchers attribute the significant increase in fraudulent clicks to the increase in online user activity during a pandemic. CHEQ Director Guy Titunovich believes that the change in consumer behavior during the COVID-19 outbreak has aroused the interest of fraudsters who exploit the weaknesses of the adtech ecosystem.

According to Campaign, click fraud costs advertisers $ 24 billion annually. Scammers generate deceptive clicks with bots or specially hired people who re-click on ads.

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