Oracle and Salesforce Accused of Spreading User Data Without Consent

19 August 2020

The plaintiff believes that the activities of the giants are incompatible with EU law

The non-profit foundation The Privacy Collective has filed a class action lawsuit against data giants Oracle and Salesforce, TechCrunch reported. According to the plaintiffs, the activities of companies cannot be compatible with “strict EU legislation on consent to the processing of personal data.”

The lawsuit alleges that Oracle and Salesforce monitored, processed and   disseminated personal data of people in the process of trade in real time. All this happened without the “clear consent of users,” says the plaintiff.

Data on people’s interests, location, income, gender, and marital status were sold to advertisers who used them to target advertising. According to The Privacy Collective, in the process, Oracle and Salesforce lost control over who they passed users’ personal information to. This could harm online teenagers or spread negative advertising.

The lawsuit could reach € 10 billion, as the sites tracked users of large resources such as Spotify, Reddit, Dropbox, Ikea,, IMDB and Amazon.

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