IKEA, Awesomic, Depositphotos, Sweet.tv and Chasopys. Ukrainian Digital Week

17 May 2021

We briefly explain the key news of the week from local and global brands in Ukraine

The updated Awesomic has been released on Product Hunt

On May 13, the Ukrainian project Awesomic was launched at Product Hunt. According to the founder and CEO Roman Sevastyanov, the team has made a complete redesign of the product, added a product plan for startups, a mobile version and a dozen new features.

In the five months of 2021, the Awesomic team has almost tripled from 10 to 27 people. According to Sevastyanov, by the end of the year the company’s goal is 100 designers working through Awesomic. You can vote for the project at Product Hunt here.

Awesomic is a platform that allows you to hire a designer by subscription. It was founded by Roman Sevastyanov and Nastya Pavlyshyna in 2019. Previously, the project was called Pizdata.

Coworking Chasopys on Lva Tolstoho to be closed

The team of the Chasopys on Lva Tolstoho announced it will not renew the lease agreement, which expires on June 1. The management of the Chasopys sought to reduce the rent, but the owner of the premises — Atlantic Group — did not make concessions.

According to AIN.UA, Chasopys already got a discount during the previous lockdown, but this year the team asked to reduce the price again and pay only for operating costs. The landlord could not agree to such conditions.

More than 200 million files on Depositphotos

In the last two years, the Depositphotos library has doubled to 200 million files. The company prepared a report where they shared numbers and insights.

The library has five types of content: photos, vectors, illustrations, videos and music tracks. Every day, photographers, designers, illustrators and music authors add more than 70,000 files. The bank is used by 24 million customers.

The report also includes an analysis of search queries, which reflects changes in user sentiment in recent years. In 2020, the number of search queries related to the amount increased by 508%. But in 2021, the popularity of inquiries about happiness — “optimism”, “fun”, “holiday”, “rainbow” — increased by 1799%.

Ranking of the most popular sites in Ukraine for April 2021

In April, the activity of users in online stores and marketplaces decreased. Despite the general loss of coverage, the sites Rozetka.com.ua, Prom.ua, Olx.ua entered the TOP-10 sites in Ukraine. In addition, the online store Epicentrk.ua was included in the rating.

The most popular news resources in April were Ukrainska Pravda and the BBC. Three unchanging leaders were Google, Youtube, Facebook.

SWEET.TV has released ratings for Marvel franchise movies and the Star Wars saga

In early 2021, the online cinema signed an agreement with Disney, which gave Ukrainian audiences access to the company’s premium library. The Ukrainian service summed up the first results, ranking the films of the Marvel universe and the Star Wars franchise in terms of popularity among viewers. In the period from January to May, the total number of views reached 330 thousand.

Among the films about superheroes, the first place was taken by the Black Panther, the second place was taken by the first part of Avengers. The top three was closed by Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The total number of views of the Marvel franchise reached 300 thousand.

Star Wars saga movies are just beginning to gain popularity. Most often, viewers watched the exclusive Star Wars: Episode 9 — Rise of Skywalker, the second place went to Rogue One. Star Wars Story, the top three was closed by Solo. Star Wars Story. In total, the films of the film universe received 30,000 views.

Ex-top Luxoft Vitaliy Nuzhny opens his own IT company

Former vice-president of Luxoft IT company Vitaliy Nuzhny announced the launch of his own company TRIOS, which will be engaged in consulting and software development for foreign clients. The company will work on the outstaffing model, but TRIOS will differ from other Ukrainian companies in its focus on premium customers. In the next two years, the company plans to hire up to 100 employees.

Nuzhny positions TRIOS as a consulting boutique with a focus on software development. The company will provide services to both small and medium-sized businesses and enterprise clients.

In one sentence

  • Ukrainian Grammarly and GitLab were included in the list of the best employers in the United States according to Inc.
  • During the year of operation, the revenue of the Ukrainian online store IKEA exceeded UAH 500 million.
  • A Play Pass subscription from Google has started working in Ukraine — for UAH 49.99 a month a user receives more than 800 applications and games.
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