Oracle To Stop Providing Third-party Data in Europe

09 September 2020

Oracle accused of violating EU General Data Protection Regulation

As of September 15th, Oracle will no longer ship data from outside parties in the EU and UK. The company announced this in personal letters to its clients, writes Adweek.

Oracle’s BlueKai, Crosswise and Daralogix platforms will only use first-party data from mid-September.

Oracle has started to advertise these platforms less since 2018, when the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in the EU. And the company did not comment on whether this decision was indeed the reason for the termination of the supply of data from unauthorized persons.

In August, Oracle and its rival broker Salesforce were sued in the UK and the Netherlands. They are accused of violating this particular EU General Data Protection Regulation.

If the companies are found guilty, they all face nearly $12 billion in fines.

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