Publishers Will Be Able to Sell Their Subscriptions Through Youtube Channels

08 May 2020

Youtube is developing a new option to support traditional media 

Youtube is working on a new feature that will let the media sell the subscriptions to their digital platforms through their Youtube channels. The company told its publishers in April, reports Digiday

Youtube refused to comment on the news and didn’t describe its new tool. However, according to Digiday, it will resemble a paid channel membership option that Youtube launched in June 2018. At the time, it allowed content creators with more than 100K followers to offer them paid subscriptions to their channels.

Publishes say, Youtube will connect the new option to the famous “Subscribe With Google.” Also, the video platform will find a way for publishers’ existing subscribers to tie their subscriptions to Youtube channels.

Publishers don’t know yet what user information Youtube will give them, and what part of the revenue it will take. Most of the publishers usually get up to 55% of the revenue, reports Digiday. But it’s a bit more challenging for media to attract money — news can be controversial, and advertisers are cautious about their ads appearing next to it.  

Youtube is planning to start testing the new tool by the end of the year


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