Reddit Launches Online Advertising School

26 May 2020

The directors of the company will teach students the basics of main advertising areas

American social news aggregation and network Reddit starts its online school on advertising. Anyone can apply to become a student on the new network’s school website, says Reddit. 


Classes begins on June 1st and will last for 12 weeks. In general, the school will provide 12 courses, like copywriting, design, brand building, PR, media planning, SMM, and so on.


The program was proposed by one of the Reddit community members via r/Advertising. After that the community got together to create the plan for studying, says Social Media Today.


Directors and “other managers above” will run the lectures every Monday evening. They will tell the students about essential parts of their jobs and give home assignments. At the end of the week, every student, who completes the project, will be able to share it with other Reddit users. They, in turn, will “critique those assignments, provide feedback, and offer insight.” 


“So it’s not assessed by the teacher, as such, but by a group of, ideally, like-minded students and professionals, in order to collectively help each other improve based on the lessons provided by the guiding expert,” writes Andrew Hutchinson, the author on Social Media Today.


 According to  Andrew Hutchinson, an online school in this format may be quite effective, given the strong engagement in Reddit’s communities. 


Officially, 50 students will be enrolled in every course. However, lectures will also be available to all the community members of r/Advertising. They will be able to do the home assignments and share them with the community, as well. Besides, the lectures will be published on Reddit’s Youtube page. 

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