Salesforce Plans to Buy Slack

26 November 2020

The $17 billion deal could be the largest takeover in Salesforce history

Salesforce may acquire Slack Enterprise Messenger in the near future. Against the background of rumors of negotiations between companies, Slack shares have risen by more than 32%, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Technology giant Salesforce has a strong position in the CRM market and ambitious plans to increase. According to insiders, the company may announce the deal after the release of its financial report for the third quarter, which will take place on December 1. However, negotiations may fail. For now, both companies will refrain from any comments.


  • software developer to automate interaction with customers;
  • pioneer of SaaS, PaaS models (provides cloud software by subscription);
  • the company was established in 1999;
  • one of the co-founders — Mark Benioff;
  • the value is estimated at $230 billion;
  • Recent major acquisitions include Tableau Software ($15.7 billion).


  • corporate messenger;
  • launched in 2013;
  • after going public in 2019, the company’s capitalization amounted to almost $24 billion;
  • during the pandemic, the number of active Slack users rose to 44 million.
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