Shakeups, Job Cuts, and Robotization. Weekly Media Digest

10 June 2020

What happened to the Ukrainian and world media from 1 to 9 June

The stress of the year continues to be felt in the life of the media every week.

From insiders to supervisors

The team of journalists of the online edition Insider together with the analytical center “Laboratory of Legislative Initiatives” has created a new media — Watchers. There is no site yet, but they are actively published on social networks (Facebook, Telegram, Twitter).

“As before, we cover high-profile courts and investigations of law enforcement officers, cases on judicial and law enforcement systems, Maidan cases, analyze and publish police arbitrariness, conduct reports from the scene and text broadcasts of unique court hearings, dive into complex topics underwater and underwater. let’s get to the bottom of them,” writes journalist Olga Khudetska.


Megogo will be free for its subscribers to stream e-sports events around the world. They have signed a contract with the European company Maincast, and now in the “Sports” section you can see someone playing Dota 2, CS: GO, FIFA and more.

Classic sport is not on time

The sports edition of The Athletic was severely affected by the cancellation of the competition. They have taken decisive steps: cut salaries by 10% by the end of the year and lay off 8% of employees — 46 people. Due to the pandemic, the number of subscribers grew in many publications, but not in The Athletic. The rate of arrival of new readers fell by 20-30%, decreased sales of advertising in podcasts.

Changes in the BBC

Finally decided on a new CEO, Tim Davey — he is currently the CEO of BBC Studios, which produces television content and series. Davey is also the BBC’s highest paid top manager — he earned £ 642,000 last year (almost £ 160,000 more than former CEO Tony Hall).

Tim Davey began his career at the BBC as Marketing Director in 2005, then headed Audio & Music, which is responsible for network radio. In 2012, he already served as CEO, and will move to a new position in September this year.

Alexa, move

And again the BBC. The corporation researched that Alexa from Amazon is the most popular voice assistant in the UK, and decided to create its own, with blackjack, called Beeb. This product is currently undergoing stress testing. It already reports news, weather forecasts, selects podcasts, and responds to requests to listen to radio or music programs.

“You will be replaced by a robot”

Major media outlets, including AFP, Reuters, The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, Deutsche Welle, Der Spiegel and many others, have joined forces in JournalismAI Collab. This is a collaboration with the goal to develop projects related to the use of artificial intelligence in journalism.

To begin with, they plan to pitch ideas and identify needs that journalists can address with AI. After that, the processes of developing various artificial intelligences will begin.

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