To go or not to go: conferences and coronavirus

12 February 2020

The coronavirus has been declared global health emergency by the World Health Organization. Facebook, Amazon and Sony have withdrawn from Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Should you do the same?

2019-nCov, better known as the coronavirus, has already killed more than 100 people, and was declared a global health emergency by the WHO. Major brands like Facebook, Amazon, Sony and Intel have been pulling out of the upcoming Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, citing they value their employees’ health and safety above all. Ian Zelaya, marketing reporter for Adweek, gives his insights on navigating conferences during the coronavirus outbreak if you decide to go after all. We at Adsider summed up his key pieces of advice:

  • Say no to shaking hands and yes to frequent bathroom trips

Wash your hands frequently and don’t touch anything that might’ve been used already, like glasses standing on the table. Dr. Matt Friedman of CrowdRx and Dr. Celine Thum, medical director at ParaDocs Worldwide Inc. both agree that basic hygiene is the best way of protection.

  • Be aware of the treatment and tests

The FDA has approved a special test for the virus, and only suspected individuals are being tested. There is currently no vaccine for 2019-nCov.

  • No panicking

The best healthcare organisations in the world are aware of the coronavirus and are working on a solution. So stay calm and don’t spread panic.

  • Not sick? Don’t wear a mask

This guideline is actually offered by San Diego Comic Con. They recommend that people who show symptoms use surgical masks, but don’t recommend it for those who are healthy.

  • Use only reliable news sources

There are several websites that contain only reliable information. Don’t read or spread rumours you Found on Facebook.

Here are the sources you can use: WHO, the CDC and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control.

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