TV Advertising Has Risen In The US And Fallen by 25% In Ukraine Due To Pandemic

20 April 2020

Both American and Ukrainian networks launch special propositions to keep advertisers on the air

During the quarantine, 26% more brands took up advertising on national television in the US, reports, a company that does TV ad measurement.

What’s happening in the US?

From March 14th to April 12th, more than 6 thousand brands have launched their ads on national television; during the same period last year, 4800 were advertising on TV.

The company started its research on March 14th — it was the first Saturday of the pandemic lockdown without live sports broadcasts. TV ads are one of the most pricy categories in the US. That’s why with high-priced sport lives disappearing, networks got a lot more lower-priced inventory, and more brands could afford TV ads. 

Also, more networks are now helping out brands offering special prices and new slots, reports AdAge. In this way, they want to compete with digital advertising giants like Google and Facebook. 

AMC Networks that own BBC America, among others, offers to help advertisers with producing branded content through their new studio. The network has also created a couple of new partner solutions tied to COVID-19.

For instance, brands can join all the network’s platforms in applauding the essential workers each night at 7 p.m., which has become a major tradition on American television.

What’s happening in Ukraine?

According to Ocean Media, the biggest TV advertising sales house in Ukraine, the local TV advertising market has dropped by 25% due to the pandemic comparing to the same period last year.

Regional channels took the biggest hit. However, national television spared critical problems, says Ihor Polosmak, TV Investment Director of Razom communications. Sales houses offered some perks to advertisers that decided to stay on the air during the pandemic.

For instance, Ocean Media has promised to give 20% of additional ratings to advertisers who will maintain their advertising activities on the same level during the Mach-May period.

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