Uber for Job Seekers: a New Job Search App Launched in Chicago

01 June 2020

ClockedIn already has about 5,000 registered employees and 1,500 establishments with job offers

To overcome unemployment in the Chicago restaurant business during the lockdown, with thousands of Illinois residents losing their jobs, creative director Matt Cutton and entrepreneur Eric Smith have launched a local job search application, according to AdWeek.

ClockedIn combines the functionality of both Uber and LinkedIn. The application shows current job offers nearby and schedules in cafes, grocery stores and fast food restaurants on a map that is updated in real time.

After registration, the applicant chooses a specialization (such as washing dishes or customer service) and can earn money in various places, receiving their salary through the application.

“Imagine it’s a service industry Tinder,” Kuttan jokes. — In April, there were about 10 million unemployed across the country, now the figure exceeds 30 million. We just want to show that if people need work, we are there.”

The application will be free for users, employers will have to pay $100 for the monthly subscription to the service. Companies can also independently select employees from a premium pool previously tested by ClockedIn moderators.

The startup is supported by the Kairos Society Venture Incubator and the Google Brand Accelerator. According to Kuttan, about 5,000 potential employees and 1,500 establishments with vacancies have already registered on the platform. ClockedIn is available for download in the AppStore and Google Play — only in the US so far.

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