Users Spent More Than $23 Billion On Mobile Apps Due To Quarantine

07 April 2020

Q1 2020 became the largest-ever quarter in terms of the app stores profit

Quarantine measures in almost every country on the planet have led to a drastic increase in consumer spending. In Q1 2020, people around the globe spent $23,4 billion on mobile apps, reports App Annie.

Since the beginning of January, App Store has earned $15 billion, and for Google Play, the figure is $8,4 billion. Combined, it’s 20% more than during the same period last year.

Countries That Spend The Most

The Chinese, who have faced coronavirus first, are now spending the most hours using apps. Italian people are right behind them. Also, the Chinese, along with Americans, have spent the most money in the App Store; the Japanese and North-Koreans were the largest contributors to consumer spend on Google Play.

In general, there were 31 billion of new app downloads. Q1 2020 beat Q4 2019 by 15%. That’s a notable increase because Q4 tends to be the most successful quarter overall. With Christmas and Thanksgiving, people spend lots of money in the last three months of the year. 

Popular Non-Gaming Apps

Most money was spent on games ($16,7 billion). However, non-gaming apps that allowed to organize work-from-home and leisure activities turned out to be the favorites. For instance, entertainment and tools were top non-gaming categories on Google Play. On the App Store, people mostly looked for entertaining and photo/video editing apps.

The popular app Tiktok appears first on the list of most downloaded apps. Social apps and messengers Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram took the next three positions. On Tinder and Youtube, people spend the most money.

Live streaming platform for gamers Twitch and video app Disney+ drove the most growth to entertainment categories. Disney+ entered Europe on March 24th and gained 5 million new downloads from those seven new markets. 

The app for video conferences Zoom is now the top business app by iPhone daily downloads in 141 countries. In March, the audience of the app skyrocketed from 10 to 200 million users a day.

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