Clubhouse Launches an Accelerator for Content Creators

17 March 2021

Adsider found out how the Creator First program will work, and also asked Ukrainian experts about the prospects of monetization in Clubhouse

Clubhouse co-founder Paul Davison announced the plan to launch a program for content creators on March 14. Creator First aims to support broadcast authors. The main goal is to help authors expand their audience, learn to monetize content and work with brands.

The company is ready to accept 20 creators, which the administrators of the platform will choose from the submitted applications. As part of the program, they will provide the creators with necessary equipment and help them connect with brands for cooperation. Support also includes $5,000 monthly grants. You can apply until March 31 on the webite. You must provide a first name, nickname, download an excerpt of the show within three minutes and provide information on the content.

According to the founder of Royenko Agency Olga Royenko, such a step might mean the launch of the Clubhouse’s internal production center. According to her, Clubhouse is trying to establish control over monetization tools not available on Instagram and TikTok.

“For Clubhouse to become a full-fledged marketing tool, it needs transparent metrics. However, now there is already a predominance of infobusinessmen who are trying to sell their services,” Olga adds.

Dmytro Derkach, co-owner of Planeta Kino, believes that the management of the social network is a bit late. According to him, a sharp surge of interest in Clubhouse in Ukraine occurred in early February, when many well-known Ukrainian businessmen and bloggers tested the possibilities of the new platform. Derkach says that at that time more than a thousand listeners gathered in some rooms. However, the interest passed very quickly.

“Now I see less and less interesting people in the rooms, less and less listeners. I think it was necessary to immediately give moderators and speakers the opportunity to monetize their participation in the Clubhouse, for example, entry tickets for the the room, and allow the organizers to set their own price. Without monetization, many interesting authors have lost interest in the social network, and it will be difficult to get them back,” says Dmytro Derkach.

The entrepreneur also added that Clubhouse is better suited for personal brand development. But how businesses might use this social network in marketing, is still unclear. “I personally am not ready to regularly invest my time in Clubhouse, even if the tools for monetization are available,” says Derkach.

Recently, Adsider published a big article about the reasons for the popularity of Clubhouse and the difficult path to success of its founders.

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