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05 April 2021

Brief overview of the key news of the past week from local and global brands in Ukraine

Ukraine was the first in the world to equate an electronic passport with a physical one

On March 30, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law that equates a digital passport in the Diya application to a paper and ID-card. According to the Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov, Ukraine was the first in the world to introduce such an innovation.

The minister said that an electronic passport can be used along with a physical one to open an online bank account, cash transactions at a bank, travel by train or plane within the country, check into a hotel, receive parcels by mail, confirm age in a supermarket, and so on.

Fedorov clarified that biometric passport or ID-card in the Diya application will become a complete analogue of paper or plastic documents at the legislative level from August 23, 2021.

Hitachi buys Global Logic for $9.6 billion

A global agreement that directly concerns the Ukrainian market. Japanese corporation Hitachi buys American IT company GlobalLogic for $9.6 billion.

GlobalLogic is one of the top 3 largest IT employers in the country. More than 5700 specialists work in the company’s offices in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv and Mikolayiv.

The agreement is slated to close by the end of July 2021. In an official announcement from GlobalLogic, Hitachi expects to leverage the engineering capabilities of GlobalLogic and its customer base to strengthen the portfolio of its digital division, Lumada.

Forbes has released a rating of Ukrainian startups

Ukrainian Forbes has published a rating of the top 30 Ukrainian startups. The aggregate rating of the participants in the rating exceeds $ 9 billion, and the Gitlab project topped the list.

According to Forbes, two unicorns (companies with a valuation of over $1 billion) are included in the ranking. In total, the companies from the list received more than $1.1 billion in investments. Only one company from the list creates hardware solutions (Ajax security systems), the rest develop software. The total staff of the companies from the list reaches 5,000 employees.

The top ten of the rating looks like this:

  1. Gitlab
  2. Grammarly
  3. Ajax
  4. People.ai
  5. Restream
  6. MacPaw
  7. Jiji
  8. Preply
  9. Depositphotos
  10. Jooble

Admixer ID: Ukrainian alternative to 3rd-party cookies

Adtech-company Admixer has developed its own system for identifying users on the Internet. Admixer ID will help publishers and advertisers identify users after 3rd-party cookies are shut down in early 2022. Admixer ID uses 1st-party cookies.

Today in the world there are more than 50 alternative identifiers to replace 3rd-party cookies. Earlier, another Ukrainian company, Adtelligent, also presented its own identifier.

in one sentence

  • IAB Ukraine named the best digital agencies of 2020.
  • On March 31, Ukrainian startup Andrei Yaroshenko died of complications after coronavirus.
  • Ukraine-based delivery service Glovo has attracted $530 million in investments.


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