Finding the Right Influencer. Who are Celebrity Managers and Why do Brands Need Them?
Igor Shlyakhetsky and Yulia Balashova share their thoughts about AIR SalesHub cases
Igor Shlyakhetsky
Yulia Balashova
AIR SalesHub Celebrity manager
AIR SalesHub Celebrity manager
Celebrity manager is a well-known profession in the Western market. Some universities even provide courses on this topic. Ukraine and other former CIS countries are not yet as advanced and local brands prefer to work with bloggers directly. Though sometimes this may end badly.

First of all, let's talk about why brands should work with bloggers.

Long ago, consumers had far less options when choosing a product or service. Today, we might have to choose between dozens or even hundreds of options on a single product making it challenging for consumers. Research shows that consumers don't trust TV advertising (especially frequent ones); on the contrary they irritate consumers. This is where bloggers can help tremendously. While TV, radio, and media ads simply inform people about the product consumers find influencer marketing advertising more informative, credible and trustworthy.
Cons of Direct Contact with Bloggers
The most common issues advertisers face when working directly with bloggers:

  • Inefficient audience coverage
  • Lack of quality leads
  • Failure to fulfill all promised conditions
  • Inefficient use of advertising budget

An overly busy brand marketing specialist won't be able to evaluate the whole picture and will fail to notice what impacts integration metrics. This leads to disappointment and sometimes the complete rejection of influencer marketing as a product promotion instrument. You really need an expert to prevent this scenario from happening.
What is a Celebrity Manager?
A Celebrity Manager is a YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok specialist who determines which bloggers to collaborate with depending on the delivered KPI.

A client may like a specific blogger and their content but they won't necessarily generate a new audience, which is a key target. They may succeed, instead in only reaching an adequate number of viewers. Not all brands are aware of this. Often marketing specialists pay attention to the number of subscribers but omit audience coverage and engagement indicators, together with frequency of publications.

When receiving a request from a brand, a celebrity manager will help choose a blogger according to the following criteria:

  1. Content. Influencers and their content should fit brand values

  2. Audience size. It's important to identify which blogger will be more effective in product promotion - a high profile blogger or micro influencer?

  3. Audience activity and loyalty

  4. Bloggers' flexibility in creating video scripts and a willingness to experiment

  5. Reliability and positive feedback from advertisers
* Integration example from AIR SalesHub featuring MagicFive
Integration types depend on the platform. On Instagram they can be posts, stories, IGTV, live streams, and links in the profile description. On YouTube, integrations are possible in video descriptions, Community posts, channel headers, video covers or end screens, product placement, and many other options. AIR SalesHub Celebrity Managers consider all platform indicators, advertising preferences, and creative components. We're responsible for negotiating, developing a creative strategy with bloggers, signing contracts, managing publications, collecting statistics and managing payments.
* Integration example from AIR SalesHub featuring Ila Kuznetsova
How to Choose a Blogger: High Profile or Micro Influencers?
Influencer marketing in Ukraine is just now starting to develop. Many brands make mistakes when choosing bloggers. Let's look at real cases of influencers in our company and their audience.
High Profile Bloggers
Bloggers that reach millions of viewers and regularly collaborate with international brands are stars on par with famous sportsmen, actors, and TV hosts. We choose to work with high profile bloggers when we want to reach a maximum target audience, brand loyalty through recommendations, brand recognition, and good reputation. High profile influencers have their own team, production, video editing style, content presentation and their unique way of interacting with their audience. For this reason integrated advertising is usually adapted to the style of a specific blogger.
High profile bloggers generate from 1 to 5 mil views per video or post every month. They know how to keep their audience interested so that brands receive maximum views and interaction. Naturally, their services are more expensive: one post can cost from $1,000, and a video from $6,000. Provided one integration a month, a top blogger can earn $72,000 a year solely from advertising projects. Often, companies sign a long term contract with high profile bloggers making them their ambassadors. When entering this type of cooperation, brands fix the price for several integrations with a 20—30% discount.
Micro Influencers
Many advertisers think that if a blogger only has a few subscribers they will not provide sales or generate a new audience. But that's not true and here is why:

  1. Their target audience is narrow, but also it can be more specific than a high profile bloggers' audience.

  2. Micro influencers interact with their audience more often, which is why their viewers are more loyal to advertised products.

  3. Their audience is not necessarily tired of advertising.

  4. Bloggers often do more than they're asked.

  5. Prices are much lower: one post can cost only $30.

  6. Micro bloggers look for long term relationships with brands.
It's efficient to engage micro influencers into complex projects in order to reach more audience and brand recognition.
The role of a Celebrity Manager in advertising projects is often underestimated. Brands, especially local brands, think that they can organize integrated advertising on their own. But this is a huge mistake that can harm the reputation of a brand. Experienced celebrity managers will help brands to save funds, time, and effort by identifying the right influencer and carrying out the right integrated advertising.
AIR Media-Tech
AIR Media-Tech develops products for the growth of creators and brands on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok platforms. Within the AIR Media-Tech company there are several main departments, including the AIR Creators Ecosystem — the only ecosystem for bloggers that generates 18 billion views on YouTube per month and develops more than 200 unique products for creators' growth on various platforms. AIR Brands — an agency for strategy influencer marketing with more than 200 successful collaborations between creators and international brands.
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