iPhone owners refuse to give out their location

16 January 2020

New iOS features undermine targeted ads performance

In September 2019, Apple introduced the latest version of the iOS 13 operating system, which allows users to block the transfer of location data to applicationsy. iOS 13 automatically warns the user about data collection in the background, offering to change access settings or completely ban it.

People are increasingly refusing to share their location, head of Location Sciences Jason Smith comments. As part of the experiment, the Smith team analyzed user geolocation signals – 80% of respondents turned off all background data tracking.

Information previously used for targeting is no longer available to advertisers. Now automatic transmission of location data in the background is recorded in less than 50% of cases, said the Teemo head Benoit Gruchko. Three years ago, this figure was almost one hundred percent: users simply did not know they had a choice. Havas Media Digital Strategist Sargi Mann believes that advertisers should provide a more transparent data exchange in order to avoid a sharp drop in sales against this background.

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