More Than 80% of New Streaming Platforms Users Still Watch Netflix

25 August 2020

Despite the rise of new streams, the old ones do not lose their positions

More than 90% of users of Peacock, Apple TV + and HBO Max streaming services have a Netflix subscription. More than 85% of viewers of Hulu, Prime Video and Disney + — too. This is evidenced by a study by Reelgood, which collects content from all streams on one platform.

In turn, Netflix users subscribe to other services much less often. About two-thirds of Netflix subscribers pay for Prime Video, only half subscribe to Hulu or Disney +, and a quarter to Apple TV +. HBO Max has only 13% of Netflix subscribers, and Peacock Premium — 3%.

Probably, the old-timers of streaming are not so easy to move, says Adweek. Well-funded and well-established brands have an advantage over newcomers to the industry.

According to a study by Reelgood, users are also in no hurry to move from subscription-based services to those that live on advertising. Only 15% of Netflix subscribers additionally use free services and only 20% of Prime Video and Apple TV + users have alternative advertising platforms.

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