Digest IT: СPM Falls, Publishers Struggle, Nike Fights Racism

02 June 2020

What happened in the world of marketing and advertising while NASA and SpaceX launched Crew Dragon into space? Read a selection of the main news of the Western media

Instagram will allow you to monetize IGTV starting from 2021

This week, Instagram is launching a test ad on the IGTV platform. Only selected users who receive 55% of the advertising budget will be able to monetize their content. Instagram says tests will last until the end of 2020, and the access to advertising will be open to everyone next year. The company hopes that the gradual opening of access will allow advertisers prepare creatives for the new platform more carefully.

Prices for advertising in TikTok

Not all advertisers will be able to afford advertising on TikTok. The minimum budget to run an advertising campaign on the platform is $25,000. The cost per thousand impressions in the UK starts at $8.

Prices will also depend on the advertising format. So, in order to run Takeover Ads, advertisers will have to pay $53,000 a day, $65,000 for Topview Ads, and $130,000 for the so-called Hashtag Challenge. You can see here how do the different formats of advertising in TikTok perform.

Advertising costs will fall by 8.1%

The projected reduction in advertising spending this year is 8.1%. At the end of the year, the expected revenue is to reach $563 billion. The largest reductions in advertising budgets occurred in cinema (31.6%), out-of-home (21.7%), print media (19.5%), radio (16.2%) and television (13.8%). ).

Advertising budgets on social networks will grow by 9.8%, and video advertising by 5%. With these data suggests that online advertising market have less losses than after the crisis in 2009 roku.

CPM is falling, publishers are wary

Advertisers shrug. A study by IAB and PwC found that digital publishers received 16% lower CPMs than expected at the beginning of the year. Display advertising suffered the most, where prices fell by 30%. The best situation is in CTV, where a drop of 6% was recorded.

Nike against racism in the United States

On Friday, May 29, Nike launched a new social advertising with the slogan For once, Don ‘ t Do It. The slogan of the new advertisement beats the classic slogan of the company Just Do It.

In this way, Nike once again opposes violence and racism in the United States. The video from Wieden + Kennedy lasts 60 seconds and urges viewers not to turn their backs on the problems of racism and not to be silent.

More and more women in SMO positions

According to Spencer Stuart, 43% of CMOs in the United States are women. For comparison, in 2018 the number of women as Chief Marketing Officer was 36%, and in 2017 — 28%.

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