What's Up With Apple? WWDC Main Highlights

Overview of the updates announced at the annual presentation for developers

June 9, 2021

On June 7, 2021, Apple held its annual developer conference where it announced its software updates — from iPhone to iWatches. Adsider explains the updates showcased at the presentation, as well as which functions will be useful to users, and which ones are copycats of existing functions by other manufacturers.
iOS 15 is here
After all the ordeal advertisers had dealing with updates in iOS 14, limiting the ability to target ads, Apple finally introduced a new version of its operating system — iOS 15. The open beta will roll out in July, with a full launch scheduled for the fall.
The new macOS
The new Mac operating system received the name macOS Monterey.
The new macOS supports both SharePlay and AirPlay functions.

Universal Control lets you use a single keyboard and mouse to control multiple Macs and iPads at once by automatically recognizing a new compatible device nearby. Place your iPad next to your MacBook and you're controlling two devices at the same time.

The Safari browser will receive a complete interface redesign, as well as a system of "tab groups" that automatically sync between iCloud devices.
FaceTime just got better
The program for video communication, FaceTime, has received many new features, including surround sound, voice isolation (you can comfortably communicate even if you are in a crowded place), and portrait mode with background blur. Also, now in FaceTime it will be possible to create links by which others can connect to the call.
Focus on what's important
Modes "work", "training", "on the street", familiar since the days of Nokia 3310, return in 2021 with the light hand of Apple. IPhone users will be able to switch their phones to different modes: for example, "work", in which only the applications needed for work will be visible, or "personal", where all boring work applications will be hidden.

Another useful point is the grouping of notifications: less important ones will arrive together and at a certain time. Therefore, you will receive all night alerts in the morning when you wake up, and you will not be twitching from fifteen vibrations and beeps at night.
What's in Apple Wallet
Apple users in the US will be able to open the doors of their home, office, and hotel room (from a preset list) using their phone and the Apple Wallet function. Now, the next step is to add an electronic copy of the driver's license to Apple Wallet (it's like the Action app, only more stylish).
AirPods: let the world wait
AirPods Pro will now let you not only increase the volume of the interlocutor's voice, but also control the noise level if you are talking on the street or during a party.

AirPods will now work with “Find Me” even when they are in a case, so they can tell you that you've forgotten them.
Security updates
The email app now automatically hides your IP address and location from invisible tracking pixels that marketers love to add to emails.

The App Privacy Report option in “Settings” now reports how often each app accesses your location, photos, and more.

Siri speech recognition will happen directly on the device, allowing you to give Siri commands without an internet connection.

You can also add recovery contacts to your iCloud account, allowing you to select friends to help you log in if you lose access.
iPhone monitors health
Your iPhone can now analyze your gait, pace, and more to analyze your "walking stability" and prevent falls.

With Trends, you can check your heart rate, steps taken, walking pace, and more.

You will also get the opportunity to share your health data with loved ones right in the app.
What about dev functions?
  • New APIs for connecting to SharePlay, Focus, etc.
  • iOS is getting a built-in 3D object scanning system that developers can link to their programs.
  • Developers will now be able to create multiple App Store product pages for the same app (with different icons, screenshots, etc.) to see which one resonates more with the audience.
  • TestFlight will be available on macOS.
In one sentence:
  • iPadOS will also receive several updates, notably home screen widgets, and multitasking menus. The release is scheduled for autumn.
  • watchOS will now be able to track your breathing rate. New training modes have also been added, including Pilates.
  • Apple Maps is now available in 3D and will scan nearby buildings to determine where you are headed.
  • The iPhone camera has learned to recognize both printed and handwritten text in a photo.
  • Siri will become available to third-party gadgets.
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