How Did The First Adsider LIVE Conference Go
Experts from IAB, MoPub (Twitter), Coca-Cola, Google, AppsFlyer joined the conference
On May 21, Adsider and Admixer held an international online conference on programmatic advertising, in-game and in-app advertising Adsider LIVE. Almost 700 guests attended the conference. Adsider LIVE was streamed via an educational platform Admixer Academy, speeches were broadcast from New York, Kiev, Munich, London and other cities. The list of speakers included ad tech experts from IAB, MoPub (Twitter), Coca-Cola, Google, AppsFlyer, Criteo, Admixer, The Digital Voice, AdOps.Consulting, Beeswax and many others.
Going online

Oleksiy Boltyvets
CEO of Admixer
"I have always wanted Ukraine to have its own DMEXCO — an international adtech event that will bring together experts and companies from around the world. So we came up with the idea of a two-day international Adsider Conference for 1,000 guests at the NSC Olimpiyskiy. The purpose of Adsider Conference is to deepen knowledge about advertising programs in our region, talk about industry trends, and, of course, create networking opportunities. At the end of February, when the MWC in Barcelona was cancelled, we decided to move our conference online. That's how Adsider LIVE was born. This decision was very timely: a week later Ukraine went into lockdown.

Online events have their own requirements: you need to find a platform for broadcasting, to record the speeches, create chats for networking and many other things. But we managed, and on May 21, Adsider LIVE was joined by advertisers, developers, marketers, media buyers, publishers and managers from 284 companies and 38 countries from all over the world. We had at least one guest from each continent". — comments Admixer CEO Oleksiy Boltyvets.
Full immersion
Adsider LIVE lasted eight hours: guests had the opportunity to learn about the latest topics and cases in programming, ask questions to leading experts from around the world in real time — without getting up from their comfortable sofa.
Adsider LIVE moderators — CEO of IAB Ukraine Anastasia Baydachenko and MGID Marketing Director Mykola Rekeda.
During the conference, the guests learned:

  • How disabling cookies will affect advertisers, advertising agencies, publishers, mobile applications, ad networks and technology solutions.

  • Why in-app advertising is the main trend in the world.

  • How advertisers fight fraud.

  • How mobile game and app developers monetize their traffic.

  • Both advertisers and agencies need to build a strategy for purchasing traffic, which must be taken into account when implementing a data-driven approach.

  • As contextual targeting will help show advertising to the target audience, increasing trust in publishers and ensuring brand protection is vital.
The Digital Voice founder Julia Smith, Advert Sales Director Handren Rush, Picnic Media founder Matthew Goodhill, Total Media director Liz Duff
Mobile dominance
Adsider LIVE began with a speech by Katerina Greenstein, AppsFlyer's Partnership Development Manager. She was followed by Romain Heili, EMEA Publisher Manager at MoPub, Tetiana Sichko, Business Development Manager, Mobile DSP, Admixer, Jakub Vachal, Google Apps Specialist, and the stream ended with The Digital Voice founder Julia Smith, who held a panel discussion with representatives of Adverty, Total Media, and Picnic Media.
Death of the cookie and the future of programmatic advertising
In the second stream of Adsider LIVE, speakers discussed another important issue: what will happen to the industry after the abolition of 3rd party cookies in 2022? This stream was opened by Benjamin Dick, Head of product at the IAB Tech Lab., followed by ID5 Chief Strategy Officer Joanna Burton, Admixer's New Business Director and Chief Product Officer Ivan Fedorov and Elena Podshuvejt.

All the speeches will soon be available on the Admixer Academy website.
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